Copyrighted Dreams
Stories related both to intellectual property law and history of humankind from the places where important events occured
Copyrighted Dreams in Paris - First ever law, Impressionists expired, night Tour Eiffel prohibited

In our first episode, we explore the oldest intellectual property law in the world and we explain why copyrights of Auguste Renoir will be protected at least until the year 2043, while copyrights of other major impressionists already expired. We show you the building and the room where the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property—the first international treaty on patent and trademark matters—was signed in 1883. The first part of our boat trip concludes near the Tour Eiffel, while uncovering some intellectual property mysteries of this Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece.

29 April
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Copyrighted Dreams in Paris. Ep.2 – Masonic trademarks; Notre-Dame; First ever cafe

In our second episode, we exploring masonic trademarks, legal restrictions to rebuilt Notre-Dame Cathedral after 2019 devastating fire, first café and theatre in the world. We are visiting place where everyone can buy secret manuscripts, finalizing our tour at Forgotten Palace in the center of Paris – place where modern copyright was born! This episode is based on the unique Turgot map depicting Paris as it was in 1735.

09 June
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Copyrighted Dreams in Paris. Ep.3.1 – Trademarks and patents during WW2

In this first part ("Lust of Conquest") of third episode, we exploring European trademark and patent law to understand how intellectual property was protected in Europe occupied by Germany between 1940 and 1945. Was ever unified all-German-trademark/patent registration system implemented or each country enjoyed its own intellectual property protection system? We are visiting place where first European intellectual property harmonization memorandum was considered on June, 23 1940.

23 July
Copyrighted Dreams 3.2. - Contradictions of collaboration

The French fashion industry was getting through tough times in the 1940s not only due to the poor economic situation in European countries, lack of materials and customers. Channel, Dior, Louis-Vuitton—the history of these brands was complicated by speculations and publications in the press about their alleged collaboration with the enemy.

16 July
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Tour Eiffel was constructed exactly 130 years ago, in spring 1889.

Tour Eiffel was constructed exactly 130 years ago, in spring 1889. 
It is a symbol of modern Paris and France.

The popular copyrights position states that Tour Eiffel itself is in “public domain” now since Gustave Eiffel died in 1923: so anyone can make its photos or drawings without any special permission. However, night illumination of the Eiffel tower created only in 1989 is still protected by copyrights. This position was supported by French courts, including the Court of Cassation of France in 1992 [see Cour de cassation 3 mars 1992, Jus Luminum n°J523975]. So, as of now special permission of Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel is required for commercial use of photos of Tour Eiffel night illumination.

Source: Georges Garen. Embrasement de la Tour Eiffel pendant l’Exposition universelle de 1889 

01 May