Alyona Reshetova

Education and qualifications

  • Alyona graduated with law degree from Saint Petersburg State University
  • Alyona graduated with a degree in Philology from Petrozavodsk State University
  • Alyona earned a professional certificate in Advertising an PR from Peoples’ Friendship University in Russia.
Projects and practice

Alyona has experience in:

  • Protection against IP infringement, including termination of activities infringing the rights and claiming compensation for damages.
  • Protection in event of receiving invalid claim regarding IP infringement.
  • Сancellation of legal protection of the trademark due to its non-use.
  • Recognition of the trademark registration and use as an act of unfair competition.
  • Preparation of contracts with distribution of rights and obligations in event of creating the original product, including in co-authorship.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents required for trademark registration by Rospatent (replies to inquiries and notifications of the Rospatent) and after registration (amending trademark registration, alienation of exclusive right to a trademark under an agreement, registering the granting of the right to use a trademark).
  • Coordination of the process of trademark registration abroad, including overcoming refusals by patent offices.