Trademarks and brands in the times of COVID-19

In times of peace, the intellectual property rights protect business investments in the development of new products and technologies, however, these rights can become a legal obstacle when humanity faces extreme challenges.

Open COVID Pledge is a global initiative consisting in a temporary waiver by rightsholders of IP rights which can be of help in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact.

CLAIMS supports Open COVID Pledge and calls out to Russian and European businesses owning relevant technologies to grant an Open royalties-free licence for third-party use in the purpose of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact, as long as the pandemic persists and for 12 months after the World Health Organisation declares the Covid-19 pandemic to have ended.

CLAIMS also invites all other businesses that do not hold any relevant technologies to support the Open COVID Pledge by sharing information and urging rightsholders of crucial technologies to join in.

We believe that emergency free use of essential technologies during the pandemic and the fighting of its impact will allow the humanity to return to its normal life sooner.

For our part, CLAIMS will provide free consulting in Russian and European IP rights to companies that support the Open COVID Pledge and grant an Open Covid Licence for their relevant technologies.

Besides, in order to avoid a significant decline in Russian business in the European Union, CLAIMS offers free consulting in protection of Russian brands in the EU.

If you

  • own a technology that is of crucial importance to ending the Covid-19 pandemic and fighting its negative impact, or
  • support the Open COVID Pledge Initiative and are willing to pledge, or
  • run or plan to run business in the European Union during the Covid-19 pandemic,

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