Trademarks and brands in the times of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic and consequent economic recession are not good for businesses, brands and trademarks. However, it is also a period for mutual cooperation and support.

CLAIMS is an intellectual property firm with representation in Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg, focused on global trademarks and brands protection.

We initiate a free-of-charge advise line for small and medium size European enterprises (SME) impacted by COVID-19 and its economic consequences. You can contact us directly via whatsapp, viber, facebook or e-mail:

Please feel free to request our advise on EU trademarks registration, legal consequences of COVID-19 for your trademarks, strategy recommended in pandemic period to protect your brand, etc.

During pandemic period for the European SMEs we are also providing EU trademark filing-for-registration services for symbolic 120 EURO fee + EU statutory trademark fees (which can be officially postponed till the end of pandemic period).

Learn more about CLAIMS, our team and trademark registration experience or our Copyrighted Dreams project dedicated to history of intellectual property.