Future of Intellectual Property

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The lawyer qualification has to be abolished in the future as an obligatory requirement to practice law within a certain jurisdiction
The legal business in the future will continue to exist mostly in the form of a partnership of senior lawyers
The formal business dress code will be discarded in the future and most lawyers will adopt the smart casual (no suits) dress code
The current behavior of young lawyers is predetermined significantly by the mindset and behavioral model of the previous generation of lawyers
The legal profession in the future will enjoy more multiculturalism and diversity in the aspects of gender, sexual orientation, and race
The modern copyright law does not fit the actual development of society, social media, and the Internet and has to be amended radically
Works or designs created by AI (artificial intelligence) deserve a separate legal protection, even if no human creativity is embodied in them
Consumers should receive legal protection against a “sequel author” that is sufficient to prohibit the author to kill a protagonist of a sequel or to remake a plot if it contradicts the original story (known as retroactive continuity, e.g., a remake of the finale of the Games of Thrones if it is recognized as illogical)
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