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Based on Big 4 Consulting Experience

CLAIMS as an independent firm was created in 2017 based on the team of CIS Intellectual Property Center of Ernst&Young.

Company expertise
CLAIMS focuses on intellectual property consulting and global strategy, trademark registration and prosecution in B2B, IT and consumer products industries, brand and technology protection.
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Nordics Balkans Western Europe CIS/CA
Intellectual property consulting

Leveraging extensive experience, we craft innovative strategies to safeguard your IP worldwide. Tailored solutions, specialized teams, comprehensive IP services - trademark, copyright, trade secret, due diligence, litigation, domain disputes. Resolving real business challenges effectively.

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Nordics Balkans Western Europe CIS/CA
Trademark Registration and management

Unique approach, alternative strategies. Extensive network, international involvement. Tailored trademark solutions for each brand. Designing trademarks for unmatched protection. Tracking global legal changes, prompt response. Contributing to best practices in brand protection.

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Nordics Balkans Western Europe CIS/CA
UDPR Domain Names Disputes

In-depth UDRP knowledge, proven track record with WIPO for faster resolutions. Cost-effective domain dispute resolution by direct engagement. Expertise in alternative dispute resolution, skillful negotiations for amicable solutions. Protecting brand identity and online presence. Experience in IT product and service protection.

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Nordics Balkans Western Europe CIS/CA
Protection of Intellectual Propery in Social Networks

Comprehensive approach to secure IP rights in social networks & marketplaces. Utilize multiple strategies for maximum protection - legal actions, reporting mechanisms, direct communication. Deep understanding of platform procedures & IP laws for prompt and efficient protection. Expertise in IT product & service protection.

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Western Europe CIS/CA
Trademark litigation

Protecting valuable brand assets with diverse strategies - litigation, procedures, negotiations, mediation, etc. Extensive network, INTA & AIPPI involvement for innovative approaches. In-depth local law knowledge, customized resolution plans. Precise evaluation and evidence gathering for optimal outcomes.

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Our Team

Managing Partner Igor Nevzorov

Achieving almost impossible in the sphere of intellectual property

Partner / Head of CLAIMS Balkans Ekaterina Pronicheva

Guiding IP-teams & unlocking global trademark potential

Partner / Head of CLAIMS CIS/CA Anastasiia Savosina

Art law enthusiast

Partner Alexey Petrov

I'm the man of a thousand trademark applications

Head of CLAIMS Nordics Oliana Ranta

IP director with nordic charisma

Head of CLAIMS Western Europe Yulia Luzhnova

Intellectual property is my greatest love after the city of Paris

Counsel Anton Endresyak

Trademarks fan and GameDev enjoyer

Senior Associate Victor Gorsky-Mochalov

Unexpected IP strategies, negotiations of complicated disputes, and punk rock

Associate Alyona Reshetova

My Cases Are Exceptional

Associate Ivan Nikiforov

Court entertainer who thinks outside the law degree box to meet every client's expectation

Associate Polina Semina

Inspired IP lawyer, specialises in international dispute resolution, cross-border IP disputes and fashion & luxury law

Junior Associate Yuliya Dolinskaya

Adventurer in the world of the IP cases

Junior Associate Anna Petrova

Insightful, methodical and detail-oriented

Junior Associate Maya Prosvitlyuk

Looking for unique strategies to reach the best deliverables

Junior Associate Maria Chikunova

The new-coming but purposeful IP encouraged lawyer and relentless improver of IP knowledge

Junior Associate Nikita Petrov

In love with complex IP tasks

Junior specialist Elizaveta Kozhukharova

Inspired by the most challenging and intricate cases

Junior specialist Artyom Perepelnitsa

The more complex IP law task I have, the more creative approach I use to solve it

Trademark Designer / Brand Manager Nikolay Shevchenko

I am the First Trademark Designer

Administrative Manager Alena Anufrienkova

Little ray of kindness

Financial manager Margarita Fedorova

I am just a financial heart of this firm

Welcome to CLAIMS!

From the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi and Lex Cornelia De Falsis of Ancient Rome, through Venetian patent law of 1474 and the term of “autore” in Dante’s Divine Comedy, to the Bass Pale Ale trademark embodied into Edouard Manet’s “Bar at the Folies-Bergère” and Victor Hugo’s address to the International Literary Congress of 1878, “Intellectual Property” as a concept and mechanism to protect and commercialize human creativity and great mental endeavors is always going side-by-side with the humankind and it is now continuing its voyage to far-away horizons of post-modern art appropriation, AI-vs-Human copyright litigations and extraterrestrial trademark portfolios to protect brands in the deep space.

Today at CLAIMS we research the past and litigate with the present to form the future.

Developing experience of one jurisdiction to create legal precedents in others. Creating global trademark strategies. Protecting unique colors, well-known brands, and high technologies.

We consult and assist our clients in defending their creativity and intellectual property wherever they are.

We are approaching the future –
achieving impossible while protecting your ideas!
Igor Nevzorov,
PhD (Law), Managing Partner, CLAIMS
We participate in these organizations

CLAIMS and its team are members of the several major international associations on the field of intellectual property law as well as of working groups and committees

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